Latest News From The YMCA

Exciting times at the YMCA as the Board Members are working hard on a number of fronts.
A great deal of work has been done including building improvements to the main building,
the creation of the Secret Garden, renovations of the flat and in process the upgrading of the Gym block.
Work will start on the outside of the Gym soon with thoughts now looking at the interior and funding for this project.

Funding requests are a vital area for the improvement of the YMCA. Dave Mills and Keith Rennie have been very active in their efforts to gain funding. Graeme Prophet and Stuart McNab are also highly involved in YMCA improvements while Jack Knight and Stuart Farquharson are constant motivators to the Board Members. Secretary Isobel Reilly works wonders on the behalf of the YMCA and is ably assisted by Maureen Mills.

The YMCA is a very active and welcoming place. If you have not been come in and have a look.
You may want to join a class or have a bit of relaxation in the Secret Garden.